Token Information

Token name: Open Source Chain

Ticker/symbol: OSCH

Token standard: Ethereum ERC20 first, then project to own Blockchain

Country of origin: Singapore

Smart Contract:


Exchange Ratio: 1 ETH = 800,000 OSCH


Open Source Chain is a blockchain-power social marketplace for electronic and IC industry designed to price “smart” ’s utility and a token mechanism set up to reward creation, refinement and embodiment of intellectual property. It comes with easy-to-use Smart Contract console and IP management tools.

In the marketplace, participants can share, trade, verify, critique, refine, incorporate, or derive crystalized IP such as schema and chip design, as well as pseudo-IP like test data or modeling result, or tacit IP such as experience, know-how, judgement and skills. Participants can also use smart contract to organize and develop new IP such as products or even production. The value of participants and IPs, or “influence” as we call it, are measured by reaction and behaviors in the ecosystem, powered by token, rule engine and smart contracts.


Twitter: @OpenSourceChain
Telegram: Announcements Channel Discussion Group