Open Source Chain is a blockchain-power intellectual property marketplace designed to price “smart” ’s utility and a token mechanism set up to reward creation, refinement and embodiment of intellectual property, or “IP.” Furthermore, it comes with easy-to-use Smart Contract console and IP management tools.


In the marketplace, participants can share, trade, verify, critique, refine, incorporate, or derive crystalized IP such as schema and chip design, as well as pseudo-IP like test data or modeling result, or tacit IP such as experience, know-how, judgement and skills. Participants can also use smart contract to organize and develop new IP such as products or even production. The value of participants and IPs, or “influence” as we call it, the measure by reaction and behaviors in the ecosystem, power by token, rule engine and smart contracts.

The world’s first forum that reward open source effort
Recruiting the best talent from the world to build world-class team
First in the world to solve IP pricing based on Rule Engine & influence algorithm v.1
Sign up over 50 semiconductor vendors to join Open Source Chain
Partner with over 100 universities and colleges to welcome young professional into Open Source

What problems does OSChain solve?

Open Source Chain provides the community with decentralized, trustworthy public ledgers, valued and validated IP, talented community, behavior rewarding rule engine and token economy mechanism to monetize what is now locked-up in hard drive and in the brain. What was once inaccessible and therefore worthless now has value through exchange, and validation.

Also Open Source Chain is the world’s first blockchain-powered platform to address the problem in full. Also the ultimate goal is to build an ecosystem composing design, packaging, manufacturing to sales & service.


Open source productivity software

The main question where can OSChain be applied? Need to noe that open source productivity software used in many areas.

✓  IP Registration, Derivation, Refinement and Validation

First of all, IP value protection begins with proper registration and tracking procedure. Open Source Chain can be used to register new and existing IP, to establish ownership or creatorship, to record forking and modification of IP, license and sub-license of IP, change in ownership and title of IP, as well as ranking and validation of IP. Industry participants can select among a variety of license models as appropriate.

Furthermore, in the full scope of IP, data and pseudo-IP are often ignoring but take great importance. Information like test data, simulation result, prior use or limitations are all valuable in full application and design. These data or tacit knowledge, are not part of the existing IP repository or methodology but, in Open Source Chain, are rewarding in accordance
to its utility.

✓  Exchange, Procure and Price Design and Competence 

Secondly, one of the key-value offered by Open Source Chain is its market-making, transaction recording and value pricing facility. Industry participants can search existing IPs with validating help from hands-on influencers or procure domain experts to refine existing public domain IP for own purpose. Also, they can reference pricing from historical transactions or through voting. Existing experts or talents can showcase past engagements and open source works as proof of value.


Manage Projects via Smart Contract

Finally, smart contract is software implementation of agreement among multiple parties on consented deliverables and reward conditions. For example, take product crowd-sale and apply smart contract in this context. Product crowd-sales have increasingly become a viable alternative to traditional funding mechanism. It can applied in every part of commercial process. Some of the obvious risks include:

1. Firstly, early brilliant ideas are too far away from the downstream consumer and cannot get fund or prototype.
2. Secondly, product ideas may lack fair, third party audit for viability or completeness. This leads to high failure rate.